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Zara Larsson's "VENUS": A Genre-Juggling Triumph

Zara Larsson


Release: February 9, 2024

Article by Elena Vasilico

Zara Larson. Slottsfjell 2023. Photo by Emmi Sollie for Disrupted Magazine.

Zara Larsson at Slottsfjell 2023. Photographed by Emmi Sollie.

On her fourth album VENUS, Zara Larsson successfully juggles multiple genres. The album offers everything from lively dance tracks to soulful R&B moments and touching ballads. Despite this diversity of styles, Larsson's artistic vision remains consistently and opulently executed. While some may find the variety a bit overwhelming, it is precisely this breadth that makes VENUS such a fascinating listening experience.

The lead single Can't Tame Her showcases Larsson's ability to skilfully utilize the retro synth-pop revival and infuse it with her own unmistakable touch. Similarly, other club hits like None Of These Guys provide enjoyable moments despite their obvious commercial orientation. Larsson collaborates with DJ David Guetta again on On My Love, including a touch of 2010s nostalgia.

But where VENUS truly shines is in Larsson's return to her Scandipop roots. Songs like Escape, End Of Time, and You Love Who You Love carve out a specific niche within the pop genre characterized by Larsson's unique style – charming yet powerful. It is this fusion of catchiness and depth that makes VENUS an outstanding work.

Despite occasional forays into overly sweet ballads or less convincing tracks like Soundtrack, Larsson's artistic prowess remains undeniable. With VENUS, she presents an album that not only aligns perfectly with her artistic vision but also serves as an impressive testament to her diverse talents.

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