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aimei 媚 emerges with enigmatic single "Clouds" and debut EP announcement

aimei 媚


Release: April 19, 2024

Article by Elena Vasilico

The music industry often finds itself eagerly anticipating the arrival of fresh talent, and in the case of newcomer aimei 媚, that anticipation is well-placed. With the release of her trailblazing single Clouds, she proves herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the realm of electronic-pop fusion.

Photo by Ling Yu

The song is a crisp, electronic track adorned with pop-noir songwriting that perfectly complements aimei 媚's captivating vocals. Reflecting on the genesis of Clouds, the artists hares her journey of escapism amidst the chaos of uncertainty. The track becomes a sanctuary, a rhythmic release crafted to navigate the turbulence of the world. With a keen sense of self-awareness, aimei 媚's music feels mature beyond her newcomer status, drawing from her upbringing in Manchester's vibrant electronic scene and her experiences in London.

What sets aimei 媚 apart is her seamless integration of her Chinese heritage into her musical expression. Weaving Mandarin into Clouds and her upcoming EP, she creates a poignant fusion of identity, bridging her roots with her artistic vision. As the singer and songwriter gears up for the release of her first EP City's Violent in June, the excitement surrounding her continues to grow. With each release, she unveils new layers of her artistry, promising a bright future filled with innovation and creativity. Keep an eye on aimei 媚 as she embarks on this exhilarating journey,

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