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Single Review: V.A.N by Bad Omens x Poppy

Bad Omens, Poppy


Release: January 24, 2024

Article by Laur Wirth

With some mixed feelings among fans, Bad Omens recently released their newest single to their rumored upcoming album, Concrete Forever. The song is a collaboration with Poppy, known for her old YouTube videos but also experimental music. Since Poppy is signed with the same label as Bad Omens, it was only a matter of time until they released a collab – especially after Noah Sebastian, the vocalist of Bad Omens, was seen at her album release party.

The song has met criticism from fans, said to be unusual with no "Bad Omens influence" nor Noah's voice. What fans might have failed to realize is that Noah was involved in the production, while his bandmates were responsible for the instrumentals. A very rocky sound infused with Poppy's vocals gives us a new style of Bad Omens, and maybe a taste of what might come. The song starts rather calmly and gets more chaotic as it progresses – kind of like a rollercoaster.

V.A.N, short for "Violence Against Nature", is a song about how AI is slowly taking over human thinking and becoming more and more intelligent – so intelligent that you can't escape it anymore. AI nowadays is everywhere. Writing texts with ChatGPT, creating deepfakes of celebrities to stir up rumors and create drama, music that goes viral on social media with artists singing songs except it's just artificial intelligence. 

The track can also be seen as a follow-up to their last album, THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND. With songs such as CONCRETE JUNGLE already giving a very dystopian story and vibe, V.A.N is a change of that world by creating something that can have dangerous consequences. The song itself is an amazing start to their new "era" and we're looking forward what's to come in the future!

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