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Rising pop fairy Khailana releases new single "Like I'm A Demon"

The ethereal pop princess we need this winter season is back with her haunting new single Like I'm A Demon.

Khailana releases new single "Like I'm A Demon". Photo by Isabel Corfiatis.


Hailing from New Zealand, singer and producer Khailana is known for her mystical lyricism and electric energy. Her stunning layered vocals and experimental production have compared her to iconic pop fantasies like Melanie Martinez and Grimes.

With intimate vocals and a spacious, distorted sound, Khailana offers us a look into a darker version of herself. The unsettling sensation that the song evokes creates a vivid reverie of being swept away into a twisted wonderland, in the best way possible.

About the single, she notes: "It is ultimately about how people can construct an entire version of you based off of one little thing that you've said or done. I wanted the production to feel more dark, sparse, and uncomfortable than my previous songs, to reflect that discomfort in being perceived as a 'demon'".

Like I'm A Demon has all the breathtakingly chilling elements of a dark fairytale that promises to keep you satisfied under its spell.

Listen to Like I'm A Demon on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Khailana on Instagram and YouTube.

by Jaylen Heady


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