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Jeff Satur's spectacular debut album "Space Shuttle No.8"

Jeff Satur

Space Shuttle No.8

Release: February 8, 2024

Article by Elena Vasilico

Jeff Satur takes international listeners on an emotional journey with his debut album Space Shuttle No.8. With a combination of old and new songs, the 28-year-old showcases his talent, discussing themes from lost loves and sorrow to self-discovery. Supported by pop beats and the occasional melodramatic guitar, the album's 18 tracks explore these themes. Satur sings in Thai for the first half of the album before switching to English in the second half.

Jeff Satur, "Space Shuttle No.8" Cover Art

The album opens with a Phin-Thai mandolin (a three-stringed lute from Northern Thailand) and sensual beats. In Dum Dum Satur describes the feelings that swirl around when one finally finds the courage to rebel against oppressors. "You say I'll become a wreck, but the last time I checked, it's you who's sinking," sings Satur. The album continues with a tale of unrequited love. In Hide the Thai artist expresses the depth of his feelings for another person, knowing they have no interest in him. With a clear R&B influence, the song showcases the singer's impressive falsetto range.

After songs like Lucid and Loop listeners wonder who has caused the Thai artist so much heartache. But nothing compares to the trio of Ghost, Yellow Leaf and Fade in terms of emotional depth. The lyrics of Ghost paint a picture of acceptance and farewell at the end of a relationship. "When I look into your eyes, I can see you're not with your heart," sings Satur in a gentle voice. Although the singer dreams of a wedding, he accepts that the other person does not want this and disappears from their life – much like a ghost. Yellow Leaf is a declaration of love. The song tells that while the singer may be like a ghost to them, he will love them forever. "My love for you will never be satisfied." The story concludes in Fade which describes how much the Thai artist would like to forget this person and all the memories.

The English songs kick off with the energetic Black Tie. Although the track isn't in Thai, Satur manages to honour his roots. The intro includes a special Thai singing technique, for which the musician hired a professional singer. It's darker than the previous songs and, with an epic build-up before the final chorus, makes the listener feel like they're in an action movie. Satur aims to encourage his fans to find confidence in their individuality with this song. Almost over you transports the audience back to the Thai artist's heartache. In the pop ballad, he sings about how everything reminds him of a past relationship, but he's almost over it. Following that are English versions of the songs Dum Dum, Hide and Lucid. Fade is not only presented in English but also in a Chinese version.

The album concludes with the bonus tracks Stranger and Saturdayss. Stranger is another song about longing for a past relationship. The lyrics are accompanied only by a guitar and a piano. With Saturdayss Satur expresses his love for his fans. He sings about how much he looks forward to the days he sees them. With a clearing of his throat at the beginning and a sound as if a recording is being stopped at the end, the song conveys a sense of intimacy. Although only a guitar accompanies the artist's voice, the song sounds complete and high-quality.

After listening to the album, one thing is clear: If Jeff Satur excels at anything, it's heartache and emotions.

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