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Single Review: Carry You by Martin Garrix & Third Party

Martin Garrix, Third Party ft. Oaks, Declan J Donovan

Carry You

Release: February 16, 2024

Article by Laur Wirth

Martin Garrix & Third Party feat. Oaks & Declan J Donovan, "Carry You" Single Cover

Carry You, first known as Flashlights, has been played at shows all around the world. From the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, FL to the Panama Open Air Festival in Bonn and Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium. Even his spectacular Amsterdam Dance Event shows have been opened with the instrumentals so many fans have been begging for to be released. Now the wait is finally over, and we can celebrate the release of the probably most awaited EDM track in a long time. After already spoiling the completed version at one of Third Party's shows in Barcelona, and everyone relying on a video snippet, Carry You by Martin Garrix and Third Party featuring Oaks and Declan J Donovan is finally released, and it's been more emotional than we thought. 

With Garrix and Third Party previously collaborating for Lions In The Wild, we got a little taste of what their musical styles would sound like together. Not only have they created an amazing and upbeat song, but people have also been waiting for a new collab from the Dutch DJ and the British DJ/producer duo. 

Already to me, the instrumental of this track brings back memories – from singing along and dancing with your friends, turned into to tears because all the waiting was worth it. Oaks, with her deeper voice, gives a special feeling to the energetic track, and Declan J Donovan gives the song a perfect mixture and adds a beautiful harmony.

In contrast to the upbeat and danceable melody, the lyrics give the song a different and deeper meaning. Talking about the attempt to heal someone you love while they're hurt.

"I can lead the way Let me ease your pain When the whole world is against you I will carry you"

It might not be possible to change the past for them and you won't be able to heal them completely. It's about forgetting the bad times and maybe even healing together. 


With the mix of both the upbeat sound and deep lyrics, it's understandable why it's a fan favorite. With the help of Third Party, Oaks and Declan J Donovan, Martin Garrix has once again created a masterpiece that we can's wait to hear live in its full beauty.

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