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Zueva releases new single "too close"

As an artist and producer, Zueva presents an eclectic indie pop landscape. Her upcoming EP 5:1 is set to be released in April and the first single is an intimate and breezy track titled too close.

Photo: Marcus A. Edvardsen

2021 presented new challenges, and Zueva has taken inspiration from her ongoing traumas. She developed anxiety which manifested physically in her body. "I felt trapped and limited, so I desperately searched for the reason why this was happening," she says.

too close is a simple but beautiful song with acoustic guitars and wonderful harmonies. It feels warm and intimate, and Zueva describes it as a "reminiscent of a simple folk song". She says the song is a part of her thought process towards healing. "My upcoming EP '5:1' is about five different perspectives on one relationship and this song presents a carefree perspective; letting go of perfectionism and giving an opportunity to chill out".

Listen to too close on Apple Music and Spotify. Follow Zueva on Instagram and Facebook.


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