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New pulsating electronic pop from Zueva

Photo: Marcus Edvardsen

Artist and producer Zueva is Russian-born and raised in Norway. Her latest single is Over the Edge, a track driven by a pulsating beat, warm synth sounds and Zueva's magical vocals.

While living in a musical collective in Oslo she discovered her love for music. She started taking singing lessons and learned how to play the guitar and piano. She met tons of creative people when she decided to quit her office job and started doing lowkey acting gigs. "The creative environment, especially the music environment, made me feel at home" she says.

Zueva produces and writes her own songs, exploring her own sound and how to best express the creative streak within. She says Over the Edge is a restless tune with summer vibes. She wrote about the feeling of being kind of on the brink of a breakdown, while producer Snorre Sønderland delivered a vibrant instrumental with 80s synths and upbeat drums. "The song is basically an intense merge of our musical approaches, which resulted in punk-infused indie pop" she explains.


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