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YOUTHYEAR releases "21 Ways My Life Is Great"


21 Ways My Life Is Great

Release: April 19, 2024

Article by Emmi Sollie

21 Ways My Life Is Great, the second single from YOUTHYEAR – the moniker of Eric Paquette is out now!

Photo by Gabbi Rae

The Nashville-based artist, songwriter and producer released his debut single Basement earlier this year. His new single, 21 Ways My Life Is Great, was co-written and co-produced with rock legend Carlo Colasacco (Shinedown, Sueco), and features an upbeat and catchy melody – sonically drawing influence from the more melodic side of grunge and pop-rock of the 90s. The track is essentially a breakup song, but not the sad kind – more of a "i'm so glad it's finally over"-type of breakup song.

The accompanying music video was directed by YOUTHYEAR himself, as well as Nick Stafford (The Maine, Charlotte Sands, Boys Like Girls). Watch it below!



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