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New album + single from WIINSTON



Release: April 27, 2023

Article by Emmi Sollie

THE LAST DAYTONA is the result of reflection, maturity and refinement – a personal and creative journey by multi-faceted R&B pop duo, WIINSTON. The album, along with the vibey new single, tick in blue, is out now.

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The independent Copenhagen-based duo has been on a four-year hiatus. "A lot of things have happened since our last album – both personally and creatively. We've been in bloom, withered again and found ourselves in the creation of what feels more powerful and right than anything we've ever done. This album is the perfect picture of how we currently define WIINSTON; as a genre-fluid space with no limitations."

The lead single, tick in blue, is a reflection of society's obsession with social media. Speaking of the topic, they say: "Smartphones have become an extension of what it means to be human. Somehow, it seems like a generation gap is missing, where we're trying to adapt to the wrong paradigms. Even adults are waiting for their 10 sec videos to go viral while the Arctic is melting faster than the ice cubes in their freshly mixed Gin & Tonic. Provocative? Sure! But we're also well aware that when you point the finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you."



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