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We Came As Romans return with new album "Darkbloom"

We Came As Romans' long awaited album, Darkbloom, is out now via SharpTone Records.

We Came As Romans release new album Darkbloom. Photo by Alexander Bemis.

Photo: Alexander Bemis

Darkbloom is We Came As Romans' first new album in five years, and also the first since the tragic loss of vocalist Kyle Pavone. The record is an emotional one, full of great, heavy songs. The band is excited to finally share this album with the world. "We want to thank you all for being patient with us as we were figuring out if we could, and how we could continue moving forward as a band. We wrote this record about all the feelings we felt, and all the emotional places we lived in, navigating the loss of our brother Kyle," says guitarist Josh Moore.

Every song on Darkbloom gives insight to the band's struggles, different parts of their lives over the past few years, and how they were able to make it to where they are now. You can feel every bit of emotion, and the lyrics are raw and honest. "We hope you all can take a deep dive into these songs and connect with us – and if you're feeling any of the ways we did, we hope these songs can help you push forward. This record is dedicated to Kyle – we'll never forget you, and we will never stop saying your name."

Listen to Darkbloom on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow We Came As Romans on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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