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Victoria Nadine drops new single, "Nerve"

In 2021 Victoria Nadine released her song Be Okay which became a massive hit in Norway and earned her a Norwegian Grammy nomination. In May she played her first own headlining show at Parkteatret in Oslo, and this summer and fall she's been spending some time in Los Angeles working on new music.

Victoria Nadine drops new single Nerve


Victoria is known for sharing her own stories and experiences through her songs, and Nerve is no exception. Have you ever found yourself in a situation after a breakup when your ex keeps talking to you despite having found someone new? That's what this song is about. Nerve is a beautiful pop ballad, and the confrontational tone and honest lyrics provide a clear message to all the cheaters out there;"You're sleeping with her, but you're talking to me. No one deserve this (...) Trust me, you've got some nerve if you played me like you play her". It's about the realisation that neither end should be okay with this – neither you nor the new girl. When we're young, we're still trying to figure out who we want to be, we're more insecure, more innocent, and it's easier to accept things because "that's just how it is". As Victoria herself says: "Then we get older, and we realise that what we accepted when we were younger is something we should not accept."

Though Victoria so openly shares her experiences, it's not completely without any sort of fear. She says it's scary to be so honest in her songs, but she also says that what drives her the most, and what makes opening up a little less scary, is the feedback from people who say her songs make them realise they're not alone in experiencing these things.

You can listen to Victoria Nadine's new song Nerve on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Victoria on Instagram and Facebook.

Victoria Nadine photographed by Emmi Sollie. Parkteatret in Oslo, Norway, 2022.


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by Emmi Sollie


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