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Single Review: vampire by Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo


Release: June 30, 2023

Review by Olivia Hofacker

Olivia Rodrigo's vampire is an introspective track that showcases the young artist's maturity and talent. Her debut album, SOUR, took the world by storm and left fans begging for more. When Rodrigo announced her single vampire, the first release of her sophomore album, GUTS, the internet stirred again.


The entanglement of rock elements and soft piano create a hauntingly beautiful sound that explores the themes of aching to break free from the reigns of toxic relationships. Delving into the deep depths of feelings and poetic lyricism, Rodrigo has produced yet another vulnerable song to play on repeat. The mesh of delicacy and evocative melodies creates an ethereal listening experience.

Each verse picks up as the song continues, starting with a soft classical feel that soon turns into a reverberating pop-rock sound. Raw vehemence resonates within the lyrics, and the vulnerability surfacing within each line is apparent.

"I used to think I was smart But you made me look so naive The way you sold me for parts As you sunk your teeth into me, oh Bloodsucker, fame fucker Bleedin' me dry like a goddamn vampire"

The constant self-blame of being stuck in a harmful relationship turns to recognize the issues as the chorus repeats. Rodrigo poignantly conveys the feeling of being consumed by a toxic relationship, likening it to being under the spell of a vampire. The vivid imagery and metaphorical language paint a vivid picture, further heightening the song's impact.

vampire progressively grows more intense as the vocals become more desperate, aching for help and release. The toxic grasp of manipulated love powers the harmonies and verses, internally impacting the listeners.

Olivia Rodrigo has created yet another emotionally stirring track that has kept fans on their toes, ready for the next single and album to drop.

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