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ur Monarch releases new single “kool aid”

Photo: Øystein Haara

Tomine Berge, aka ur Monarch, follows up on the success of her debut single human garbage disposal plant (scooter) and moulaga, and releases the third track, kool aid, from her upcoming EP, pas un blague.

kool aid is written and produced with Vetle Junker (iris, MOYKA, Gundelach) and is a more restrained but no less angsty version of ur Monarch. It features double-tracked vocals, bubbling synths enveloped by a series of skittering drum patterns.

ur Monarch says that when corona first came to Norway it felt like a slap in the face and it felt like all her plans had come to naught. She says “I was going to do a million things and start life and finally move out of Norway, and not sit in my room and get depressed somehow”.

She also adds: “kool aid is about bad surprises, and about wanting to do a million things but having to choose to lose something for practical reasons. Sometimes I wish I had ten lives!”

kool aid is out now via GEMS / Warner Music Norway.


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