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Tribe Friday is out with bittersweet anthem, "Swimsuit"

Tribe Friday


Release: March 10, 2023

Article by Aaron Oppheim

Swedish bubblegum emo-pop band Tribe Friday release bittersweet anthem, Swimsuit.


Mastered by Stephen Marcussen (The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Cher), Swimsuit is a song about survivor's guilt. The track details the signs one would later see when reflecting on loss and examining one's role in the situation.

Starting from the seed of a catchy guitar riff, the song looks back in order to be a better friend going forward, with angsty pop heart and soul with each strum. With poignant lyricism and gut punching honesty lacing every word, the band opens up to an unyielding connection to their listeners, especially in good old live settings.

Marrying the rugged indie rock dancehall sounds of early 2K with gen Z post-pandemic party vibe bliss, Tribe Friday is a band of guitar slinging emo kids from the woods of Sweden.

Their repertoire consists of upbeat songs that speak to self deprecation, identity, confusion, love, death and are anchored by sarcasm, wit and charm. Previously featured on Earmilk, Alternative Press, American Songwriter, Atwood Magazine and more, the group released their debut LP, bubblegum emo, in June 2022 to critical acclaim as they infectiously introduced the world to the Swedish invasion with charting hit shut me up (over 1.2M streams to date).

Tribe Friday look forward to sharing their sophomore album, titled Hemma, which fans can expect in fall 2023.

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