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Debut single "Those Nights" by Cabin Fever

Cover art by Robert Høyem

Songwriting collective/supergroup Cabin Fever released their debut single Those Nights today. The group consists of renowned producers, songwriters and musicians; Simen Hope (Sigrid, Gabrielle, Zupermaria), David Lucius King (The Script) and Fredrik Brurås (HAVSUN, Fred Well), as well as Aksjell Solstrand (AURORA, Sigrid, iris).

King is English-German, and Hope, Brurås and Solstrand are Norwegians. If you’re wondering about the band name, it relates to how the project started: in a cabin in the Norwegian woods. They’ve created a handful of incredible pop-songs in the short time they’ve been making music together. Their songs are filled with catchy melodies, great hooks and choruses, which are lifted through the incredible vocals by King and Brurås.

Those Nights is euphoric and chorus-heavy, and the retro-pop track is gonna be the perfect song to add to your summer playlist. Joining Cabin Fever on this new single is Edvard Erfjord of songwriter/production duo Electric who produced and wrote Shout Out to My Ex and Black Magic for Little Mix.

Cabin Fever says their first single is "an upbeat, heartfelt and nostalgic song about a lost love. Close your eyes and have a mind-dance and sing with us!"


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