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EP Review: The Roads by Jonah Kagen

Jonah Kagen

The Roads

Release: December 1, 2023

Review by Laur Wirth

Jonah Kagen is back with his new EP The Roads, and we are more excited than ever. The 6 tracks, two of which are brand new, make up a melodic EP with Jonah's signature guitar sound and heartfelt lyrics.

Jonah himself describes the album as "a story of decisions and consequences", with each song being a distinct moment in his journey "to 'figure it out'". With the hope that people will be able to find themselves in one song or another, the EP is ironically released as Kagen returns home from his two-month trip.


The EP kicks off with The Roads, a song about a really bad breakup. Love changes you and breakups hurt. But no matter how bad it hurts, you cannot let go, so you always go back to the person who tore you apart.

The second song is called Pollution, one of the previously released songs. It's a song about growing up and wanting old times back. Time flies way too fast and things change way too easily, sometimes you just want to turn back the clock and relive old memories one last time.

Next up is the song Save My Soul – one of the brand new songs. It's a cry for not being left alone, for not being left behind. It's about death and how you don't really know what to do when someone dies and how to act when you are all alone after the death of a special someone.

The fourth track is Made Up My Mind, a song that features singer and songwriter Lily Meola. The song is about love and death, an almost conversation-like song about what the other would do if one of them dies.

Almost at the end, the fifth song is another new one – This Life Ain't Easy. A very calm, melodic and beautiful song that gives you a soothing feeling. The song talks about the fact that life is sometimes tough and we all struggle from time to time. Life is too short to not try to focus on only one thing, and if it feels right to move forward to make you feel better, do it. The urge to get better and experience everything you've ever dreamed and wished for, even if the road isn't easy.

The last song is called 18. Dwelling in old memories of an old relationship and wondering what would have happened if they'd met later in life. Would things have been different, would it be the same as when they were younger, or should they have met at all?

Overall, The Roads is a calm and peaceful sounding EP that hits you right in the feels. It's not overpowering with a lot of different instruments. Just Jonah, his guitar and lyrics that sometimes make you cry but also make you smile. It's beautiful and definitely a must-listen!

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