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The Clause's "Time of Our Lives" is an antidote to all the sad moments

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The 4-piece indie rock band from Birmingham bring together the swagger of the 60s, the rolling groove of the 80s and the riotous verve and attitude of the 90s. Their newest release is Time of Our Lives, an anthem for this freak era, the year that never was, and the anticipation of breaking free from the viral chains which bind us all to our homes.

Within the first 10 seconds of the song I was intrigued. Rock is probably my favourite genre of music and I always love songs with lots of guitars and heavy drums. There is something about the energy of this song that I really love. Time of Our Lives makes me miss being at a concert experiencing live music, dancing and having fun with my friends.

Frontman Pearce Macca says he wrote the chorus in the shed at the back of his garden at 1am on a Saturday night during lockdown, and by 3am the whole song was complete. "It was one of those songs where everything clicks perfectly. This particular tune came very naturally, I think because I didn't have to try and come up with any lyrics for it, I just wrote exactly what I was thinking at the time." Like all of us, dreaming of escaping back to normal life, which is the backbone of the song.

Time of Our Lives is an antidote to all the sad and lonely moments and a look ahead at the joy that awaits us in the post-Covid world.

"It's quite easy to think negatively with everything going on and I think everyone, including myself, has fallen victim to that at times over the past year. This song is an escape from all that negativity."

by Emmi Sollie


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