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New single from Taxi Rank: A Piece Of You

Indie rockers Taxi Rank stretches out a blank canvas and gathers inspiration in their new single, A Piece Of You.

Photo: Billy Stillman

The Swansea five-piece saw fantastic reception for their last single, Golden Days (which also just so happens to be one of my favourite releases of this year), with their thunderous drums and soaring guitars. This time around, the band presents a more laid back, vulnerable side. Vocalist Lukas sounds equally hopeful and frightened as he's navigating how to deal with issues without taking them out on others, trying on a blank canvas - looking for inspiration outside himself in a somewhat desperate quest for inner peace. Anybody else feeling validated? Just me?

Although it's a more laid back track, they still keep that energy from previous releases intact. It's got groovy guitars, euphoric backing vocals, and overall it's beautifully joyful and airy, with a freshly served side dish of a scorching hot reality check. They're establishing that frenetic, energetic indie rock sound for themselves, and it's easily something I can see headlining festivals in the not too distant future. With a rumoured EP release before the new year, Taxi Rank is a band you won't want to miss out on.

Written by Eirunn Oppheim


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