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TALIE releases debut single "Illusions"

With melancholic lyrics and silky vocals floating in an electronic cloud layer with organic elements, TALIE invites you into her universe.

Photo: Soraia Khawari

Illusions is TALIE aka Natalie Beisland's debut single. She moved from Grimstad, Norway to Oslo during lockdown in 2020 to study music and pursue her artist career. Illusions is dreamy and starts of soft before it breaks into an up-beat chorus. Despite the sad story, the track has a beautiful and catchy melody.

About the single TALIE shares: "'Illusions' is a song that everyone who has been in love can relate to. The type of relationship where all communication fails and the mixed signals are too much to handle and the frustration of not being seen makes you feel distant and detached from what's real."

TALIE is an artist to keep on your radar! Illusions is the first single from her upcoming EP Contours.

Listen to Illusions on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow TALIE on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


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