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Single Review: Shimmer by Summerdrive



Release: July 14, 2023

Review by Laur Wirth

Summerdrive, a New York-based project consisting of multi-instrumentalists Jake Stam, Matt Montgomery and Tim Coakley, have released their new single Shimmer, gifting us with the perfect summer hit about chasing a faded feeling.


Talking about how the protagonist and their significant other – whether it's a friend or a partner – are driving past old places they used to go to, hoping they'll feel the same feelings again, just like they did when they went there back in the days. Thinking about old times and even being willing to open up old wounds just to get those feelings back.

Even though the meaning behind the song is quite sad, the song is very upbeat and gives a somewhat positive vibe. It almost feels like the protagonist has come to terms with the situation and learned to deal with it, even though the lyrics say otherwise.

"Bodies intertwined, I can feel you breathing Held you in a moment like it used to be Burned me out, baby, but I let it bleed Hoping just to catch the rush"

The band, formerly known as Friends At The Falls, create a dynamic and unique fusion of alternative rock, indie pop and 80's inspired synth pop that lifts the spirits and makes you want to dance. They create a sound that is both timeless and nostalgic, leaving you to play the song over and over again.

Even the fans on their Instagram are excited, according to some of the comments under the snippets they've uploaded. It's not just the song of the summer, but also a perfect addition to the soundtrack of our lives. Ideal for a day at the beach or a sunset drive, Shimmer should be your number one summer track.

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