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Single Review: Enough Words by Stellus


Enough Words

Release: July 14, 2023

Review by Emma Arciola

Emerging from the Miami music scene, the band called Stellus released their newest single, Enough Words, infused with an addicting melody that follows the protagonist's feelings of falling for someone, rendering them utterly speechless.


The song starts with an electric guitar, introducing a dreamy entrance that transforms into a livelier beat. With a coming-of-age essence, the lyrics captivate the listener while tracing the protagonist's interaction with their crush: "That when I start to think about you, I hope you do so too." The relatable feeling of getting butterflies when you're in the beginning stages of a crush resonates. The entire essence of the song reflects a youthful feel that's refreshing and engaging for the listener.

Luis Perez, the lead singer, enters the song with a hypnotic and radiant tone. The harmonious instrumental, featuring lead guitarist Jonathan Aguirre, bass player Luna Cordoba, and drummer Max Leon, forms the backbone of the irresistible melody. The rift that bridges the chorus creates a beautiful timeless sensation with a 90s coming-of-age vibe. This alternative-pop band is truly paving their way with songs that can captivate a crowd with their addictive and catchy melodies.

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