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Stellus release their debut EP "bittersweet"



Release: May 31, 2024

Article and photos by Emma Arciola

The Miami-native band Stellus have released their debut EP bittersweet. This EP is a perfect listen for anyone who feels they are stuck (and alone) in the place they're in, but believe things will change. Stellus take their relatable lyrics and backs it with an indie-pop instrumental. The 4 songs that make up the EP all bring their own understanding and honesty to the lyrics. 

Photo by Emma Arciola

To open up the EP, from here on out pt. 2 starts with a groovy guitar line that carries the lyrics sung by Luis Perez. Although the lyrics may be a little bit too relatable, that instrumental makes you wanna get up and dance. The frustration of that back and forth in a relationship and not knowing where things went wrong (or who). 

"It was complicated, we were so frustrated

 Now all we have are the memories left behind"

from here on out pt. 2 sets the stage for the next song, alone. The protagonist is seemingly still trying to get past the arguing and frustration, and just wants to be... alone. This song seems to play into the last song, from the fighting to the calm afterwards. After a fight we all still have those lingering feelings of anger and questioning, but if you give someone a second then it'll be alright. This song puts into words that middle ground of feeling okay but still a little bit upset. 

"if you give me some time everything will be alright"

After the last two songs being about relationship troubles, 9-5 sends a quick change in theme. The dreadful feeling of a 9 to 5 job that keeps you feeling trapped; a feeling I'm sure many feel they can relate to.

"I wish I could understand this world and our messed up plans

To kick you while you're down like dirt"

so tired, very worn out is the perfect way to end this EP. The song brings a reflective ending with the slower paced style in comparison to the previous songs. 

"When will the madness end? I got a collapsing state of mind"

This song is the bittersweet reminder of the past but knowing that moving on is for the best.

Frontman, Luis Perez, speaks about the message behind the EP: "From the innocent feeling of falling in love to the struggles of the working environment; these were all defining moments of the uncertainty I felt during my adolescence. This EP is a homage to these moments as I continue to mature."

If you ever find yourself in Miami, Stellus is the local band to take a chance on. They bring undeniable energy and songs that make you want to get up and dance.

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