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Sleeptalk drops new single "It's Alright (Just Complicated)"

Sleeptalk is an alternative band from LA and It's Alright (Just Complicated) is their 3rd and final song from installment one.

Photo: Brandon Wolford

From the moment you start listening to the song you get a feeling of nostalgia and can feel it relate to the title. The song is about two people that are struggling and trying to find a common ground on what's real and what's fake about their relationship. What's the real deal and what's fabricated between them in their life.

The song itself is not a super upbeat or fast song, but it got a tempo which makes the song convenient to listen to at different times of the day. It could be a song to listen and sing along to on a car ride, to listen to while doing chores in the kitchen or just lay in bed relaxing doing nothing.

The lead vocalist, Anthony Fitzpatrick, decided to explore one of his more painful interpersonal dilemmas: long-time friendship, slowly starting to depreciate.

As the song says “it's alright, just complicated”, I myself find some comfort in the song even though the song is about two people. Thinking about my friendships with different people and how to explain them to others. Friendships aren't easy and the song explains that in a very easy way, which makes it relatable to lots of people.

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Written by Eline-Jeanette Kleven


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