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Secret Keeper releases new EP "Dear Love, I Let You Go."

Secret Keeper

Dear Love, I Let You Go.

Release: July 28, 2023

Review by Kat Ward

Secret Keeper, a Central Florida-based post-hardcore band, has released their emotionally charged EP, Dear Love, I Let You Go. This EP showcases the band's ability to combine raw intensity with heartfelt lyrics, resulting in a musical journey that listeners can deeply connect with.


From the very first note, Dear Love, I Let You Go. sets a somber and reflective tone. The melodic guitar sounds weave together with a sense of longing, creating a space of vulnerability. The band's instrumental talents are evident as they effortlessly navigate between delicate moments and explosive surges of energy.

The vocals serve as the centerpiece of the EP, delivering a raw and passionate performance. The lead singer's voice encapsulates genuine emotion, fully capturing the pain and strength that comes along with letting go of a love that once consumed them. The lyrics explore the complexities of love and loss, as well as personal growth. The band skillfully balances self-balancing and relatability, allowing their listeners to connect with their own experiences.

Dear Love, I Let You Go. is a full emotional experience. It encapsulates the universal struggle of bidding farewell to somebody you once loved. Secret Keeper's ability to channel these emotions into their music is truly commendable, and their authenticity shines through every note and lyric. In conclusion, Dear Love, I Let You Go. by Secret Keeper fully showcases the band's musical talents and emotional depth. Through their hypnotizing performance, the band captures the essence of love, heartbreak, and personal growth that comes from letting go. This Central Florida-based group proves that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Following the release of their EP, Secret Keeper will embark on tour throughout the US, as well as returning to Japan later this year!

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