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New alt-pop banger from Sadye


Keep It To Myself

Release: July 28, 2023

Review by Laur Wirth


The newly released track, Keep It To Myself, by Sadye is the sad girl but bad bitch anthem you need in your life. The very upbeat rhythms of the song, produced by Slush Puppy (Leah Kate, Nessa Barrett), add a unique feeling to the song which you would want when you feel fucked over, but need something uplifting to boost your mood!

"Don't worry, I won't tell anybody The chemicals you're bumping got you bleeding When you're coming to my house Like I asked you, like I need you or something But it's embarrassing how I let you come over"

Described by Sadye as "the fuck boy, circus anthem of her dreams", this song is a mix of catchy synth melodies with a sarcastic, anthemic hook. Inspired by her own personal story, her lyrics are a sarcastic way of dealing with past experiences such as toxic relationships. The protagonist thinks about the past events, how they let that person sneak into their house and even more, but now feels embarassed to be so vulgar with the other. The protagonist knew it wasn't love, but went along with it nonetheless, pretending to keep everything that happened to themselves in an attempt to please the other one. The song is the perfect masterpiece to scream as loud as you can.

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