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Ruth Gillies releases her second single "Blue"

Photo: George McFadyen

Ruth Gillies released her glimmering debut single Wake Me Up Slowly earlier this year and is now back with her second single, Blue.

While her first single really encapsulated the surreal, dreamlike state in the early moments of a blooming romance, Blue tells a more melancholy story and is nothing short of an autumnal heartbreak anthem.

Gillies got strong storytelling abilities, and she vividly encapsulates the dance between young love, first heartbreaks and the space in between from the first line. Blue is a delicate track with production from Sam Cracknell and Alasdair Kelly. It shows a new side to Gillies but without losing her distinctly slick, shimmering pop sound.

About the track Gillies says “Blue tells a story of unrequited love, disappointment and feeling unwanted. My debut track ‘Wake Me Up Slowly’ felt very light, carefree and optimistic so I kind of see 'Blue' as the heartbroken big sister to the debut.”

She wrote Blue alone in her bedroom back in 2019, and going into the studio and turning it into what it is now felt both exciting and reflective at the same time. “I’m so delighted with the direction the song has gone in- it feels very true to me and the kind of music I want to make and hope people can hear that throughout ‘Blue’” she says.


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