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Pop-duo ROYA releases "Kinda Sad"

ROYA hails from the Danish city of Aarhus and is already a renowned live act. The duo, consisting of Line Gade and Sebastian Igens, took the stage at the legendary Smukfest Festival in Denmark this summer and won the prestigious LiveCamp band competition.

Photo: Julie Sindberg

Their newest single Kinda Sad is captivating from the very start. The bouncy, iconic synth drags the listener into ROYA's electro pop universe. The song is an empowering scream-along anthem to all the people out there who need to move on from romanticising a heartbreak.

About the song, the duo says: "It’s written out of the embarrassment of finding yourself drunk and alone, longing for someone you know isn’t good for you anymore. Lyrically, we wanted to dive into those suppressed feelings to give them a life of their own. The song is a reminder to anyone in this messed up situation, that sometimes it’s more than okay to be by yourself and feel kinda sad."

Listen to Kinda Sad on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow ROYA on Instagram and Facebook.


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