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ROSIE releases new single "Social Stamina"

Photo: Ragan Henderson

Rising indie-pop singer and songwriter ROSIE has an uncanny ability to turn negative experiences like loss, betrayal, and criticism into jetpack fueled motivation. She's seeking to create a safe place online and through her music. Having recently signed to Arista Records, ROSIE prepares for the release of her debut EP, set to be released later this fall.

Her new song, Social Stamina, is a standalone single and is written and produced entirely by ROSIE herself and is her love letter to those who feel like they've lost their way. The song is a beautiful soft ballad with heartbreakingly honest lyrics about feeling alone and disconnected from everything. Especially with the past year we've had, I'm sure a lot of people can relate to the feeling of losing themselves and losing touch with friends.

About the song, ROSIE says "The message behind 'Social Stamina' is: you may feel lost and alone but you never have to be alone in your lostness. Let this song serve as a friend and support system as you navigate the highs and lows of life."


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