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RoseeLu is out with new single "Overthinking"

Photo: Kristine Sokolowski

Modern pop with nostalgic elements of the nineties and noughties is on the rise, and among the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Nessa Barrett, we find the Danish RoseeLu. The 20-year-old newcomer already has a solid back catalogue with four released songs in under eight months, heavy rotation on national Danish radio and a global online unreleased single clocking up billions of streams soundtracking a Victoria's Secret PINK campaign. Still, her first release of 2022 shows no signs of slowing down as she tackles the everlasting conundrum of overthinking and self-doubt.

Highly autobiographical, Overthinking describes how too much time spent in your own head can take a toll on your perception of yourself and the world around you. When talking about the song, she shares that "most of the time, I'm totally aware of my own thoughts, and I know how to control them - make them mine and turn them into positive vibes and self-care. But sometimes, I doubt. Then all these unconscious, irrational thoughts take over my head and make me hypersensitive. I know I'm not the only one overthinking life, so I had to write a song about it." And indeed, RoseeLu is not alone - queue Overthinking, an anthem soundtracking the times self-doubt takes over, serving as a reminder that even the most capable and driven people stagger - the trick is to get back up.

The go-getter attitude and lust for life will undoubtedly take RoseeLu and her new school nostalgia to new heights in 2022.

Listen to Overthinking on Apple Music and Spotify. Follow RoseeLu on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Written by Eirunn Oppheim


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