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New EP, "There's Nothing Worse Than Too Late", from Real Friends

Real Friends

There's Nothing Worse Than Too Late

Release: February 24, 2023

Article by Emmi Sollie

Illinois-based band Real Friends has dropped their new EP, There's Nothing Worse Than Too Late.

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The EP includes previously released singles Tell Me You're Sorry, Always Lose, as well as the latest single Six Feet, in addition to four new tracks. Typical for the genre, most of the songs are upbeat and catchy with infectious melodies.

Speaking about the new EP, the band says: "'There's Nothing Worse Than Too Late' was written and recorded over the last year and half. We went back to some of our earlier influences for it. When writing, we kept referencing more timeless bands like The Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World and many others. It has always been important for us to write songs that are timeless, but that was in the front of our minds more than ever when compiling TNWTTL. We want our fans to go back and listen to these songs in five or ten years and still feel something. Lyrically it touches on depression, death, cutting long lasting ties for good and many other heavy subject matters. At the end of it all, if our fans feel less alone because of these songs then it's a success in our eyes."

Listen to There's Nothing Worse Than Too Late on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Real Friends on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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