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Album Review: Pierce The Veil is back with The Jaws Of Life

Pierce The Veil

The Jaws Of Life

Release: February 10, 2023

Review by Emmi Sollie

After almost 7 years, Pierce The Veil are releasing a new album. Their 5th studio album, The Jaws Of Life, is out now via Fearless Records. We are entering a new era for the band. Their sound has changed, but I think long-time fans will still be able to say "yeah, that sounds like Pierce The Veil".


Death Of An Executioner is the album's opening track. The intro really catches your attention and it's a good first song on the album. The song builds up before bursting into loud drums and fierce guitars. There's something about the sound of this that just really reminds me of Collide With The Sky (2012), and I'm totally here for it. The album is loaded with incredible guitars, heavy drums, and Vic Fuentes' distinctive vocals are outstanding. The title track features some great riffs, and Damn The Man, Save The Empire is a very guitar-driven song. In Pass The Nirvana, screamo parts make a return and the whole track really embodies the anger and frustration they also convey in the lyrics. Slower songs like Even When I'm Not With You, Flawless Execution and Resilience also work great on this album. The latter opens with a quote from the 1993-movie Dazed and Confused. It slowly builds up and hits full power at the 2:18 mark – I love it.

Shared Trauma is an interesting track and sonically not something I expected from Pierce The Veil with its electronic beats, harmonies and layered vocals. It's an emotional one for sure, and it feels vulnerable and real.

The album's last track is 12 Fractures featuring Chloe Moriondo. The song is another slow one, and while it sounds beautiful and their voices go very well together, I feel like it's a song you listen to a few times, but not necessarily put on repeat, if that makes sense. But with that said, I find it very fitting as the album's final track as it gives the album a nice "ending".

Overall a great comeback for Pierce The Veil, the band is back and still going strong. In an industry where genres and trends so rapidly change, no band should ever stay the same. While changing and experimenting with sounds, fans will still be able to recognise elements incorporated into this new album that's also notable on the band's previous releases.

About the album, vocalist Vic Fuentes says: "This album has truly brought us closer than we've ever been. It was extremely difficult for us to be off the road and apart for so long. We've never missed anything more than playing music together and never had such a strong appreciation for recording, touring, and simply being in the same room together than we do now. 'The Jaws of Life' is about how life can sink its teeth into you and try to devour you. The negativity in the world and within your mind can be a vicious thing. We're extremely grateful for this record, our fans, and the opportunity to play live music again".

Listen to The Jaws Of Life on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Pierce The Veil on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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