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Pollyanna Blue release new single, "Stray"

Pollyanna Blue


Release: April 7, 2023

Review by Christine Mckerlie

It's no secret that the UK alt-rock scene is rife with talent, and Pollyanna Blue are no exception. Following two fantastic singles, we are treated to another alt bop from Pollyanna Blue, Stray. Keeping on the path of having sick riffs and sing-along vocals, Stray takes us on a journey from a situationship lived out by vocalist Zoe Collins, seen through the eyes of a stray cat.


With a little synth floating start and soft piano, followed by isolated vocals which are quickly thrusted into a beat that is so easy to love and easy to bop to. Along with the melodic riffs and heavy hitting lyrics, there is no doubting the talent of this Bristol-based duo. While listening we are truly immersed into the world created by Zoe, with every line easily relating to either a stray cat or a human. We can feel the pure raw emotion coming through in every note. Lyricist and vocalist Zoe explains, "the cat is adamant to make sure the owner knows that they do what they want, and when we want, because they will always play by their own rules". Showing us that this song is truly about showing those around you that you have to stay true to yourself and don't let anyone depict what you can and can't do.

This song being the band's third single is an impressive feat in itself as it sounds like it would sit right at home on a band's third or fourth studio album which for me personally makes me so excited for the future of this band. Taken from the EP that is due later this year there's no doubt that there's no time to sleep on Pollyanna Blue as there's a lot of talent heading our way from them. So, keep your eyes peeled for more and keep those ears listening to the singles we've been treated to so far!

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