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New single from PLVTINUM

PLVTINUM release new single STRESS ME OUT. Photo by Shervin Lainez.

Photo: Shervin Lainez

PLVTINUM draws inspiration from the sonic textures of EDM, the attitude of pop-punk, and blends it with catchy pop-R&B. Through his lyrical exploration of toxic relationships, introversion, and the dark sides of party culture, he has been able to capture the attention of a great audience from around the world.

The new single, STRESS ME OUT, kicks in with haunting digitised vocals before exploding into a lush of cinematic cacophony of experimentation. Following on the heels of his recent hit, DIE4MYBITCH, this one is another enthralling tease of what listeners can expect from PLVTINUM’s forthcoming EP.

Listen to STRESS ME OUT on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow PLVTINUM on Instagram and Twitter.


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