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PENI PARKER unleash their rage fuelled new single 'Lady'

The Sydney based alternative-punk duo, PENI PARKER, are back with new single Lady, released 9th March. Lady is a blend of intersection feminist punk and has inspiration from early YONAKA, My Chemical Romance and Fever333.

Photo: Norah Wells

PENI PARKER, also known as Lauren and Maddy, first exploded onto the scene with the release of DESTROYHER in November 2021.

"Lady is a volcanic, riff-soaked track that oozes intersectional feminist values, pleading for education and change for the sake of humanity" –PENI PARKER

Lady is 3 minutes of vengeful crashes of drums and guitar within a riff-soaked track. The single is stated to signify "the birth of the fictional, fantasy-drenched PENI PARKER universe – two main characters and the first storyline are introduced that reinforce the loud message of their single ‘Lady’. The fictional universe is influenced by a love of anime and comics". As a listener seeing Lauren and Maddy’s personalities shine through the music shows just how personal the song is to them.

It’s undeniable that you can hear the struggle and anger for gender equality within Lady. The song is delivering a loud message with lyrics such as ‘fuck gender binary, it hurts society’. This is a prominent theme throughout the song. It’s powerful and you can hear the determination in the lyrics for change. Lauren from PENI PARKER said "growing up as a woman involved in heavy music, I understood very quickly that I had a better chance of being taken seriously if I hid my femininity and that has been the norm for me until now".

Lady challenges inequality through what could be described as 90’s grunge melodic punk. The importance of this can be shown as the feminist movement has become even more entwined with music than it ever has before. PENI PARKER are openly talking about the importance of feminist visibility, the lyrics may be seen as shocking through the directness of them, BUT ISN’T THAT THE POINT?

Listen to Lady on Apple Music and Spotify. Follow PENI PARKER on Instagram and Twitter.

Written by Jess Marshall


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