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New music and album announcement from Palps

Photo: Arthur René Walwin

Essex based four-piece Palps take on their most ambitious work of art with their concept album Black Heart. The story unfolds throughout eight chapters, each representing the daily struggles of someone navigating their mental health battles and how they affect not only themselves but the people closest to them. Through hauntingly genuine lyrics, beautiful visuals and an all-consuming feeling of downfall, the band clutches their listeners close.

The album's first instalment, AVA, sees the protagonist getting closer to their significant other as they build their life together. Sonically, it's chaotic but oh, so effective in laying the foundation for the story. Each component brings elements of anger and frustration, and the result is a culmination of words left unsaid, now lingering in the air - desperately hoping to be felt and understood.

Specifically, the lyrics there's nothing good in me that I could pass to you, but I'd teach you to be gentle in everything you do felt like a punch to the gut. After everything they've done to themselves and their closest, the fact that they still have this sliver of self-compassion broke me. Everyone, mentally ill or not, is multi-faceted, and though you've hurt people, done bad things and fucked up - there is almost always something good in you and the fact that they highlight this strength is tugging at my heartstrings. This lyric, along with the drop that follows, cements the importance of the song, making it an excellent opener for the album.

Next up is Palps most recent release, Love, Always. It gives awareness to things easily overlooked, whether through ignorance or the upsetting fact that it's the norm for many. Fusing elements from post-hardcore and unflinching lyricism, they offer a cathartic piece of art for those tormented by past actions. Speaking on the album as a whole, vocalist and lyricist Alex Gray state, "Black Heart at its core is about how traumatic events and mental health struggles can leave you hardened, no longer able to express love in the same way that you used to and can often lead to you hurting those closest to you, without you even realising."

Black Heart is due for release on October 7th 2022, and will be available on all major digital platforms.

Listen to the latest release Love, Always on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Palps on Spotify, Instagram and Facebook.

Written by Eirunn Oppheim


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