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Debut EP “Outlaw” by DEVORA

The new western goth-rock femme fatale DEVORA released her debut EP Outlaw in the end of June. The five-track EP features dark pop melodies, sinister soundscapes and a taste of country that sends the listener on an epic journey through the Wild West re-imagined in 2021.

Photo: Evan Webb

The EP is thrilling and got me hooked from the first song. It kicks off with Fist Fight, a song featuring steady beats and an exciting dark melody that builds up into a climactic chorus. It’s obvious we’re in the middle of a story about a toxic relationship and it seems like it’s not going to end well.

The story continues in Body Bag where you can feel the frustration and anger with the vengeful lyrics “I wanna put you in a body bag, how is that for a comeback?” In Outlaw we’re getting the aftermath of the revenge. We’re driving away from the city and the song further expands on the character’s mythology. DEVORA’s way of telling stories through her music is excellent and you really manage to visualise and feel the emotions while listening.

Track four, Not Dead Yet, is a fun fast-paced track describing a more rebellious lifestyle; “I’m living in a ghost town, ghost town. I’m doing things my way, my way.” The EP closes with Elvis. The tempo has slowed down and you can feel that the story is coming to an end. It reminisces on old memories and differs from the previous tracks by the way it brings a sense of hope and peace of mind. It feels as if the worst part is over and it’s time for a new chapter.

DEVORA’s debut EP Outlaw is out now. Listen to it below!

by Emmi Sollie


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