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On the rise: Pseudo Cool

Punk singers of the past are becoming few and far between, and with the music industry paying little attention to the amazing bands that are coming onto the scene. Bands and fans alike are gagging for up and coming voices to speak out. Whether they touch upon industry inequalities or have a bold social commentary, it's always refreshing (especially now) to hear new punk music.

One act in particular, who are catching the airwaves of the likes of BBC Radio Wales, Horizons Cymru and plenty more writers and podcasts, are Pseudo Cool.

Photo: Sian Wells

The band's lineup includes Cathy Bastian on vocals and bass, Lloyd Bastian on vocals and guitar, Dylan Howells on lead guitar, and Shay Bevan on drums. Together, they create sounds that string in unison with caustic thoughts on things like the pressure to have found the "one" in Wrong. To a satirical tune on the idea of what it means to be a man of the 21st century in Modern Man.

Coming from Wales it's no surprise that they have plenty of inspiration all around them. From "Cool Cymru" classics like Catatonia and Stereophonics, to new thrilling acts like Panic Shack and Ci Gofod. There really is no shortage of talent, but there is always room for more. Their latest high spirited single For the Both of Us is a new light at the end of the fever dream that has been 2020. I can’t lie, the song offers serious nostalgia for the 90's, reminiscent of bands like Hole, as well as classic British indie that will always sound fairly refreshing.

For Pseudo Cool, 2020 has only been their beginning. Their distaste for conformity and melodies to match the mood of their evolving punk style definitely make them a band to watch out for.

Written by Margot Macleod


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