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OHMAMI - Chase Atlantic ft. Maggie Lindemann

Photo: Jordan Knight

Following the astounding success of their newest single OHMAMI, this Australian LA-based alternative indie band came out with what might be the best featured single to date.

On August 26th, Maggie posted a clip of her singing her own verse on OHMAMI on TikTok, and it rapidly gained traction and caught the eye of the Aussie band themselves. Not long after, the band and Maggie started teasing that they would do a song together, and thus OHMAMI featuring Maggie Lindemann was born.

Chase Atlantic, a trio consisting of members Mitchel Cave, Christian Anthony, and Clinton Cave, teamed up with the pop-punk princess herself Maggie Lindemann to create this wonderful blend of genres. Although still harnessing their original style, usually consisting of powerful beats and a saxophone (I know what you’re thinking, but trust me it’s the best combo), Ms. Lindemann hops on this track to give you a more feminine take on this hit single.

Maggie’s verse begins after the first chorus, and offers a different change in tempo and melody to the original song. Mitchel joins her at the second chorus, where the two voices blend seamlessly with one another, creating outstanding harmonies and an overall amazing performance.

Written by Kat Ward


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