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New single "Oceans" by Vansleep

Photo: Rory Barnes

The Aberdeen Alt-Rock band are becoming a well-established name within the Scottish music scene. Their new single Oceans is the band's first release of 2021 and the follow up to their remarkable 2020 EP release; You Should Have Said Something.

For those of you who follow me on social media, chances are you already know that Vansleep is my favourite band. The way MacRitchie's heartfelt vocals effortlessly accompany an audacious sound and perfectly balanced dark, melancholic lyrics through modern love letters to what it means to be human always floors me.

Oceans explores getting caught up in the idea of someone, only for it not to live up to preconceived expectations in a tug of war of loss and change. Steady, booming drums and piercing guitars lures you in from the very start, and in true Vansleep style, doesn't loosen its grip until it's done, resonating with something deep within their listeners.

I'm buzzing to hear the four lads further carving out their sound, and I genuinely believe it's only a matter of time until we see them headlining festivals. Their anthem-like sound is sure as hell already fit for arena-sized audiences...

Written by Eirunn Oppheim


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