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Powerful pop single from Mari Bølla

Photo: Helle Navratil

Like many others, I first heard about Mari Bølla when she was a contestant on Norwegian Idol 2020. She then won the whole thing at just 15 years old! The young artist from Bryne, Norway has been working on finding her own musical path. Not That Girl is her first self-written released single since winning the competition.

What I clearly remember, and what really amazed me, from seeing Mari on Norwegian Idol was her amazing strong vocals and her stage presence. You could see how much fun she had and how she put her all into her performances. And while she comes across as sweet and humble, she turns into this strong sassy diva (in the best way possible) on stage.

Her vocals definitely shines through on Not That Girl. The song has a classic pop-rhythm and it's incredibly catchy. It was written with the help of Mathias Nilsen, Kjell Øverland (aka Kapteinen) and Aadne Eriksen Haaland. The lyrics are powerful and sends a clear message: You are stronger than you think. You shouldn't, and you don't, have to rely on others to find happiness and strength. Don't let other people and previous bad experiences hold you down - learn from it and grow, you can do anything you set your mind to!

Bølla says the song is very personal to her and it was written during a tough period of her life when she needed the song to get herself out of the dark place she was in. She hopes the song can give strength, joy and comfort to others out there as well, "because we are so much stronger than we think" she says.

I'm so excited to see what the future holds for Mari. Not That Girl serves as an amazing single and proves that she's really got it all as an artist. Definitely keep your eyes on this girl. <3

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Written by Emmi Sollie


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