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OUR NEW FAVOURITES | Playlist Update

August 26, 2023

Article by Emmi Sollie

Better Off Alone / Victoria Nadine

Norwegian singer and songwriter Victoria Nadine's Better Off Alone shares a message that you should not accept being taken for granted. The empowering, danceable track was co-written with Skinny Days. If you're with someone who's not treating you right and who does not make you feel like the best version of yourself, you're better off alone, and there's nothing wrong with leaving a relationship like that – know your worth! Watch the lyric video here.

Daisy Girl / Lilac Haze

Dream pop artist Lilac Haze wrote Daisy Girl about pursuing new relationships and how fear can hold you back from experiencing something beautiful. "We all have a little 'daisy girl' within us, giving courage to take a chance on something new and different", she explains.

Italian Smokes / latewaves

The new single, Italian Smokes, is from latewaves' forthcoming self-titled album. The upbeat, melodic rock track recalls a moment of anxiety and panic, and serves as a follow up to the recent single Same Air. "'Italian Smokes' is inspired by a panic attack I had on the streets of beautiful Florence in Italy, induced by the graphic pictures of rotting teeth and holes in throats displayed on the cigarette boxes they sell over there", the band shares. While the song is inspired by anxiety, it is in fact a song about gratitude; gratitude for the people in your life that can talk you off the ledge. Watch the music video here.

Jaded / Spiritbox

Taken from the upcoming EP The Fear of Fear, set to release later this year, Jaded is laced with hard-hitting drums and heavy guitars, pairing perfectly with Courtney LaPlante's ethereal vocals. Watch the music video here.

Thank God / Gabi Sklar

Gabi Sklar once again showcases her captivating voice and blissful melodies. Thank God is a cathartic release of emotion packaged into a stunning pop ballad, singing about leaving a toxic relationship and finding freedom and self-assurance on the other side.

Tantrum / Madeline The Person

The angsty, yet upbeat new track from Madeline The Person is an ode to escapism. "It's a glimpse into a moment of genuine consideration of the coping mechanisms that my therapist would probably steer me away from", she says.


Opening up about sexual abuse as a child, YUNGBLUD releases a new emotional track titled Hated. In a social media post he shared that this song is "ultimately about freeing yourself from bad experiences and trauma. Finding inner strength. Acknowledging your past, accepting the pain and having the courage not to let it define your future." Watch the music video here.

Find all of these new releases, and more, in our playlist on Spotify – HERE.


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