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OUR NEW FAVOURITES | Playlist Update

August 11, 2023

Article by Emmi Sollie

HAPPY FRIDAY. Did you know we have a playlist we update every week with new releases? I'm here to share some of this week's fresh finds.

Drag Me Down / Loveless

Ahead of their upcoming European tour, Loveless has released Drag Me Down. The catchy, uptempo track is the perfect pop-punk anthem for anyone who feels like their own personal struggles often get in the way in relationships and make you feel like you're not good enough. If you tend to push people away, even though you love them, this song was written for you. Watch the music video for Drag Me Down here.

bad idea right? / Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia's second single from her highly-anticipated upcoming album, GUTS. The new track is different from the previous released single, vampire, and teases a more fun and playful side of GUTS.

21st Century Rockstar / Boy Bleach

The East End boys are back with yet another electrifying banger. With powerful drums, cool guitar riffs and Fisher's raspy vocals, the new song is a must-add to your playlist.

It's Not Me, It's U (EP) / Rachel Bochner

Out now via Handwritten Records, the 6-track EP consists of alt-pop anthems that dance between vulnerable, melancholic, energetic, and playful. Rachel fearlessly taps into the ups and downs of navigating heartbreak and self-discovery as a twenty-something woman in today's world.

Bang / Broadside ft. Joshua Roberts

Alternative pop-rock band Broadside has released a deceptively upbeat and catchy track about facing your inner demons. The new single features Josh Roberts of Mangolia Park and is out via SharpTone Records. The track comes with an accompanying music video, watch it here.

Sundressed (LP) / Sundressed

The brand new self-titled album from indie punk band Sundressed is filled with catchy, guitar-driven and fun tracks. The album's fourth single, There with Me, is filled with emotion and is a love song packed with a musical punch.

Find all of these new releases, and more, in our playlist on Spotify – HERE.


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