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New single "Shadows" by Sunstinger

Photo: Rory Cowieson

The Scottish alt-shoegaze rock band Sunstinger emerged in late 2017 and hails from small villages scattered across Fife. They released 3 singles in 2020, and now they show their development with their latest single Shadows. This is the first song recorded for the band's upcoming debut EP Beyond the Frame, which is aimed for a release in June.

Shadows is based around a song Taylor Wright wrote when he was 17. The song is about people they knew when they were younger and how they see them doing the same things now as they were doing back then. People often get stuck in a cycle, and Shadows is about getting past that. "Being from around here, these villages become a part of you. So there is always temptation to fall back into your old ways. It's like comfort. It's about temptations and how your decisions have an impact on who you become" says Taylor.

The song gets you hooked from the very beginning. The track remains upbeat with the steady prominent drums which are being backed up by a solid guitar riff. The vocals are more buried with added reverb – a classic characteristic of the shoegaze sound.

Give Shadows a listen and make sure to follow Sunstinger on social media for updates and news on the upcoming EP.

by Emmi Sollie


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