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New single from døssi

Norwegian producer and singer-songwriter Ingrid Døssland, known as døssi, dropped her newest single how about now yesterday. It's the fourth track to be released from her upcoming debut EP bluebirds, set to be released June 4th.

Photo: Monika Engeseth & Sarah Sandanbråten

The young artist hails from Bergen, the beautiful "city of seven mountains". With melancholic lyrics and a distinctive voice, she takes the listener on a harmonious and emotional journey into døssi's dreamy world.

Continuing the themes of overcoming loss and grief found on previous tracks beloved sun, you, my everything and behold, the new single takes a poignant look at being helpless when faced with someone else's sorrows. She manages yet again to create a beautiful, crystalline world with a guitar, layered harmonies and gentle ambient noise.

"It's impossible to see what other people are holding inside or what sorrows they carry" says døssi. "It's about watching someone you love having a rough time without being able to fix it. Often as a friend you have a lot to give, but without being able to help. There's something beautiful about it, but also something so infinitely heavy. It's about letting go and hoping it can get better without you."


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