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Nate Adamson talks about his debut single "Grace"

Nate Adamson is a singer and songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. He's been writing and playing music since he was a small kid, and over the last year he's built his own studio and written, recorded and produced his first single Grace.

I listened to his song for the first time late one night, and to begin with I think the song gives off a melancholy feeling, but as the song progresses, it brings me a sense of hope, and I don't know why, but it gives me that "I want to drive along the coast at sunset with the windows down" type of vibe.

"'Grace' is a pretty laid-back alt-rock style song" says Adamson. "There isn't too much tempo change throughout, so it's easy to listen to and the lyrics tell a sort of story that I think is relatable to a lot of people as well."

The song is written as a letter to Adamson's future child/children, telling them to follow their dreams and to not hold back or be afraid to do so. He says that if he had a daughter, he always thought the name Grace was beautiful, which I totally agree with. "The song is me telling them that they won't have to wonder when their dad followed his passion in life, and that they can use me as an example to do the same" he says.

He tells us that the process of writing for him starts with just an acoustic guitar and trying to get the verses and chorus figured out, and a smooth way to move between them. Then he'll work on what tempo works well and the percussion sections. "By that point I can kind of hear in my head the general direction I want the song to go, so I'll just lay down a bass line and then the vocal melody, and finish with lead guitars."

I hope Adamson will be able to perform his music for a live audience in the near future, and that's something he says he would love to do as well! As an artist he says he wants "to make music I'm proud of and to just be authentic in my writing."

Listen to Grace on Spotify and Apple Music, and follow Nate Adamson on Instagram.

Conducted by Emmi Sollie


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