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New single, "All The Time", from Natalie Shay

Natalie Shay

All The Time

Release: April 26, 2024

Article by Emmi Sollie

Natalie Shay's latest single, All The Time, glows with sexy guitars and layered, ethereal vocals. The UK indie-pop artist has performed at the world's biggest festivals for new music SXSW and The Great Escape, as well as well-renowned festivals like Reading, Latitude, and Victorious.

Photo by Holly McCandless-Desmond

All The Time is an energetic and fast-paced song, detailing the inner-monologue of a fan girl. The track is essentially about unrequited love for a person who doesn't know you exist (yet 😉). As a fellow fan girl, I can't help but smile when I hear these lyrics – I gotta admit they're very relatable.

"The thoughts in my head Daydreaming in bed I've read all your interviews Imagining what I say to you So I replay our song My teenage icon I think you'd be into me"

About the song, Natalie says: "It was the person that I believe my entire 'type' was formed around during adolescence. 'All The Time' is a song following the frustration of knowing you'd work so well together after so many years, if only they could 'see you', and how nobody else has ever compared to them. They are 'the one'. No questions asked."

The accompanying music video comes out this Thursday and is directed by Eleanor Grace Hann and starring Joey Kempster as "Dustin".

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