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MONOGAMY – bold new track from Emilie Adams

British-Norwegian Emilie Adams have previously been a contestant on both Norwegian Idol and The Stream, and many people might have only heard her sing. As an artist she embraces the whole creative process; from a melody picked out on a piano or snippets of lyrics jotted down, to a finished song that can be performed on stage. She enjoys writing, interpreting and conveying lyrics. "I want people to listen to the lyrics, but they're free to interpret them as they wish" she says. Musically Emilie references dark electronic, such as Banks and Lorde, as well as alternative and pop, like MØ, Lana del Ray and Coldplay.

Photo: Oktawian Gornik

The 23-year-old artist just completed a bachelor's degree in Criminology, and it may seem as if some of that darkness has been transferred into the new music she is writing. Monogamy is Emilie's newest single, following the release of Play God, which came out earlier this year. The new electronic pop track is out now, released via Sony Music Norway. It's bold, dark and bass-y, with a catchy chorus that is likely to be stuck in your head.

To hone her sound for a forthcoming EP, she has worked exclusively with producer Benjamin Dan Ravn Fahre. Emilie says Monogamy was inspired by a specific incident, which isn't something she always writes about in her music. "There comes a point in life when it's no longer just about school, candy and crushes" she explains.

The situation that inspired Monogamy was a turning point for her. "I was a young girl with very little experience, and I think back at this moment as one of my first meetings with 'the real world.'" She says the whole thing was so absurd and ridiculous, which is why the lyrics are ironic and a little playful. "The adult who approached me and his lack of respect for the relationship he was in, the relationship I was in, and for me as a human being, blew my mind then, and to be honest, it kind of still does. That being said, I'm well aware that other people have experienced much worse, and that to be able to laugh it off was a privilege. My heart goes out to them. And this song goes out to all the assholes out there."


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