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[mila] share their debut single


Thuong Qua Is Vietnamese For I Love You

Release: March 10, 2023

Article by Emmi Sollie

Alternative-pop band [mila] share their debut single, Thuong Qua Is Vietnamese For I Love You.


The duo from Boston, MA consists of CJ Lawlor and Wren Mohammed. They met while working together in 2018 and quickly formed an unbreakable bond. They began to write and record a number of songs after establishing a vision for their future.

Speaking on the new single the band shares, "Thuong Qua is a song about being face to face with things you know are toxic, and wanting to have the strength to choose things that are more wholesome and healthy for you. On a macro level, it's about vaping. On a micro level, it’s about love."

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