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Michelle Ullestad releases her new EP "SOL"

SOL, the brand new EP from Norwegian artist Michelle Ullestad is out now via GEMS/Warner Music Norway.

Photo: Synne Bønes / Cover art: Samson Anderson

Over the course of the last couple of years, Ullestad has moved from writing gloomy, introspective acoustic songs to bright, addictive pop songs with dark self-analysis at their heart. The EP SOL consists of 7 tracks and is an energetic and upbeat collection of songs.

Along with the three previously released pop singles, Emilie, Sol and Tåpelig, we also get Maktesløs, Vi Sees and the focus track Pant på hjerter. The latter is a song about "being trapped in an endless circle of love turned heartache turned love turned heartbreak" says Ullestad. "When the good routines like laughing at each other's jokes – even the bad ones – being nice to one another or spooning at midnight, are replaced by arguing, looks of disgust and going to bed with our backs turned... it might be time to end the relationship. But I'm dumber than I thought, and I can't seem to stay away!"

When it comes to the EP's title, SOL (meaning: sun), it provides a counterpoint to the title of her first EP titled det var litt mørkt der en periode eller noe, which translates to it was a bit dark there for a while or something. Ullestad says "I like the light and dark, and it's a good way of representing my music because it's not so acoustic and sad now. It's fun!"

Despite the mess we may experience in relationships and in the world in general, SOL is an EP made to dance to and to celebrate the good things in life despite the hard times.

Listen to SOL on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Michelle Ullestad on Instagram and Facebook.


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